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Jack's Plastic Welding, Inc. (JPW) manufactures inflatable boats, dry bags, and paco pads.  Our inflatable boats include: inflatable pontoon boats for fly fishing, catarafts (our Daddy Cat has been the most popular), paddle catarafts like the pack cat, and the fat pack cat, inflatable kayaks, and Self-Bailing Rafts. We also manufacture three basic models of frameless cataraft; the standard culebra, the culebra grande, and the outfitter culebraDry Bags and Paco Pads™ are still our best selling items. Our dry bags have a simple closure that works, and our pads are still the most comfortable and durrable.

See the video of our emergency spill containment, or more in our blog section


custom outfitter dry bags inflatable boat - culebra grande frameless cataraft inflatable rapid deploy spill containment

industrial culvert & pipe plugs inflatable pontoon boat - Daddy cats - expedition catarafts fly fishing with jpw inflatable pontoon cataraft boats

inflatable boat - culebra frameless paddle cataraft indstrial sled tubes for antarctica & greenland whitewater inflatable kayaks

fat cat -expedition paddle cat paco pads self inflating waterproof sleeping mattresses self bailing whitewater rafts


Cutthroat, self support cataraft

The links in the proceeding paragraph go to our photo gallery where we describe the use of these products.  To order them, click on the products paddle and you will be able to find and purchase from a standard list of Whitewater, Paddle sports, and rafting gear that is truly unique.

All our products are made right here in the USA. We have real, 10 year warranties on our inflatable boats, and 5 year warranty on our ISUP that you can collect on, but probably will not have to. We are the only manufacturer that warranties their Dry bags and Paco Pads™

Why purchase a Culebra?

A comparison between our Culebra, and the competitor product



JPW gets involved in the Animas River Trails Project

Errol our production manager has been seriously promoting this project for the Annimas river Corridor from above Durango to Kirkland NM, and upstream of the confluence with the San Juan River to Navajo Dam. This article appeared in the Daily Times of Farmington in June of 2013

6 inch thick inflatable stand up paddle boards from JPW are here.

Please have a look at this unique system. It is different than the others on the market and we think it is better. You can judge for yourself.


Is there too much information on this web site? you may want to read this synopsis page to get started.

Videos of JPW products in action

Jpw rafts and cats On the Upper Animas, San Juan, and Lake Powell.

Produced by Greg Craines-Secret Burger productions

visit the current film web site to watch the current film or down load for free.

see the movie trailer Of the current film

The Second Solar Powered Traverse of Lake Powell

From the State of the Rockies Project. this is episode 5 a new way downstream

It was just 2 months later bigger boat more pannels less sun. A video of the boat across lake powell from Hite to page.

Baja mobile Domes

A video presentation on a very cool rescue and recovery platform that makes a nice camp site too. If you watch it you will get the concept.

Big Brother cat in Upset rapid. No flip.

Jim Fuge with his cutthroat at the Cow swim rapid in Deso. No flip

Jim fuge's pack cat bike combo.

This is actually a video of Jim doing the self shuttle with bike and boat. By the way the boat is inflated and it is the trailer too.

High water in the grand 1983 No jpw boats- We did not start to build boats till 1988.

by Jeff Aranson

Video of the new film Warm springs A history of the rapid and the yampa river. This flim includes historical footage of some of the first river runners on the Yampa.

see the film preview

See the full film.

Jacks write up with some pictures of

The first Solar Powered Traverse of Lake Powell Ever!

Pictures and thoughts on the solar experience. We did not dip and oar for 85 miles, and the fuel was FREE!

JPW product Price List 2014

JPW self bailing raft price list 2014

JPW Makes Custom Products

Custom Dry Bag Information

This is not the same thing as a prototype, but if your prototype is more along the lines of a dry bag, this is an important place to look at design.

Thinking about having us do custom work for you?

Some of the top pages we refer people to during conversations

Custom tube styles page

customize your cataraft tubes. This is not the same thing as a prototype.

Draft Vs load for catarafts

Raft Design by JPW - The concepts that make our Self Bailing Rafts better.

Custom Self Bailing Raft table- Jpegs and edrawings of most custom rafts

History of the Rescue Culebra -where the ideas come from

culebra specification table-Jpegs and edrawings of different culebra models available

foot thwarts how they work on culebra frameless cats and in self bailing rafts too

What you need to know about care and maintenance on your inflatable.

What is the hardest job that your inflatable has to do, and how to keep in from getting damaged when it does that job.

Cutthroat Information
How many different ways are there to rig cutthroats, and how many different tube variations are there? This page gets a little closer to answering the question. Because these boats are so versatile, we decided to build a table to help you with your decisions.

What you need to know if you are a first time rafting customer.

Many of our customers got hooked on the sport by going with an outfitter the first time. This is some good information you may want to read before you sign up for your first trip. courtesy American Whitewater Expeditions

Misc interesting info about our products

JPW fishing pontoons make a big splash in Denmark

Anderson pontoons is our partner in Denmark making the best rated pontoon boats in Western Europe with JPW USA made tubes.

NASA-sponsored study being conducted at the University of Houston (Video) Is a little thing, that may save a lot of astronauts some long term medical problems. It is simply a bladder that puts pressure on the soles of the feet to mimic gravity and convince the brain to keep muscle mass on a long term space flight. This may help bed ridden patients keep muscle mass also. Some simple Ideas are real game changers. We hope that this is one of them.

Don't know Jack about inflatables?

Call 1-800-742-1904 We will make sure that someone talks to you about inflatable boats, or any other inflatable project you may be interested in. If you are curious about what we can do please have a look at our news letter below: Jacks or Better- News from the Wild Cards at JPW

Try visiting our blog page also

Want to find out more about our company, our philosophy, and how we work together?

visit this page to learn more about our business biography

Jack's or Better News form the wild cards at JPW

This is a news letter that covers the last half of 2011 and the first 7 months of 2012. We think you will find it very interesting.

Capability Statement
If you are a government agency or engineering company in need of a capability statement for JPW Inc, you can download it here. It is in Microsoft Word format, and is about 600K in size. This is an interesting document with examples of some of our custom products, and a general overview of the kind of products we can make outside of the whitewater recreation market.

We do not sell any Chinese inflatable products, nor do we do business with any Chinese inflatable company for any reason. Disregaurd any information that you may see to the contrary. A couple of years ago our web site was stolen by a Chinese company.  The stolen material may still be on the internet even though it will be hard to find with search engines. Learn more about how we managed this problem..

Have a warranty issue? This article may help you get a faster resolution to your problem

Greenland Traverse Cargo Sled cataraft tubes


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