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What you need to know about having us build custom catarafts

Here at JPW, we pride ourselves on making products that fit our customers needs. We make pontoons that work in many ways other than whitewater. The drawing above is a motorized search and rescue craft with a drop down drop stitch floor. We also make tubes with different hull configurations, and d-ring placements that are requested by customers to fit their concept of performance. Often we fill requests for a comparable set of tube that fits an old cat frame. We have lake platforms, pontoons for the Kinetic race, 36 inch diameter tubes for air boats, or for Grand Canyon motor rigs, and tubes for environmental science.

Of course do not forget Culebra standard, rescue 13, outfitter rescue culebra, and motorized outfitter rescue culebra variations that are becoming more popular with search and rescue teams. These are all adjusted to fit the individual needs of the customer.

Remember that we do not build frames, but we do have a number of dealer customers who do, and they can produce the desired effect, because our designs can include frame specifications that would otherwise be hard to determine. Discuss your needs with us. We are your best chance of coming up with a system that works for you.

Keep in mind that some of these designs can be complicated. If so, you must be willing to commit some time to the decision and design process. Please look at this web site for a way that makes that process easier to communicate via email. If you use Solid Works Design software, we can communicate design ideas directly with SW files.

We have a web site where you can design your own custom tubes. It is constantly being redesigned, but the basic idea is to offer standard versions, and the parts that go on them. Then add and subtract parts, length, cone styles or curvatures. Do not forget the variations on the framless cataraft theme like the one in the picture above.

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