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Pack Cat Faq

So a Pack Cat is a little paddle cat. What is the frame like?
The frame is made of tubular steel, and it is minimal to allow for the boat to be back packed around. The steel frame is powder coated, and the straps wrap around the tubes. there is a seat frame and a foot frame, sometimes called a toe bar. The tubes must be inflated tightly because the tubes provide the stiffness that is necessary for performance. Attached to the top of the seat is a mesh that you sit on. there is a pillow that wraps around your hips for low back support, and to help keep the passenger form slipping off of the seat. This boat is by far the most comfortable personal inflatable water craft. Jim Taxton, Executive Director of the Professional Paddle Sports Association (formerly National Canoe Liveries and Outfitters) purchased one of these last year. He has been paddling with one that he has been borrowing for two years, and he really likes it. Because it fits in the trunk, and one person can put it in the water.

What are the fasteners made of that wrap aroundthe tubes to hold it together?
The straps are made of 800 LB busts strength 1 inch polypropylene webbing. and they are on loops that attach at the bottom of the frame. the straps go around the tubes to cam buckles at the top of the frame. Extra straps are provided with every boat.

What do the passengers sit in or on?
Pack cats are not really designed for passengers. The two person has room for two paddlers. However it is easy to construct a device that will allow for passengers in quiet water. That would be a plywood deck that straps to the grommet strips on the top of the tubes. After the deck is in place a lawn chair can be strapped to the deck. In this way a passenger can be taken on board.

The information says that there are two frames? What is the difference?
There is a seat frame and foot frame or toe bar.

Are Pack cats pushed around by the wind, like an aluminum canoe is?
We have been on many river trips where there were canoes and Pack Cats in the wind. the Pack Cats always did better than the canoes. They have less area exposed to the wind, and it is much easier to keep them pointed into the wind and moving with the river. However when the wind is not blowing, a canoe can usually outdistance a Pack Cat. I have however overtaken both solo and tandem canoes during a down river race when I was paddling a Two man Pack Cat solo, and I do not get a lot of paddling practice in because this business keeps me occupied otherwise.

So if I want to purchase one of your Pack Cats, check it out & don't like it, can I return it?
Yes you may, but I would rather you had what you wanted in the first place. We have a video about One man pack cats, including safety, and how it works on low water class 4 plus. I also have some clips on surfing a one man and Inflatable Kayaks in the same hole, however, these are not at this time production videos.

How much will the Pack Cat instructional video cost me if I decide I don't like it?
It would cost 10 dollars with shipping and can be returned for a refund or the price will be taken off of the purchase price of a boat.


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