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Daddy Cats

Daddy Cataraft Through Quatrzite Rapid on the Salt River
Daddy cats are still one of the most popular catarafts in the southwest. It is because of their versatility. They can run tight little streams and rapids like the Upper Animas, and Quartzite on the salt river with enough gear for a 6 day trip.

Daddy Cat in a Big Hole in the Lower Grand
Jamie Gonzoles is a return customer. He took on this holein the lower Grand Canyon. Here is what he had to say about it. "I can't believe that we didn't flip- stayed upright! Surfed a bit, I got knocked off my seat, but got through it ok. Your gear is amazing. We liked the first boat so much we bought a second one."

How to Haul Kayaks on Catarafts
When the river is calm, kayakers like to ride on the catboats. This picture shows how kayaks are rigged on top of the cats in these calm stretches. Simply lay them across the ends of the boat, where they are out of the way. Getting on the boat is easy, because the kayak can pull in between the tubes, and the kayaker simply pulls himself out. Launching is easy too. Kayakers get back in their boats, and we give them a shove.

Surfing Santarita Hole in a Daddy Cat
In this picture, our crew is entered in the hole riding contest. Notice that one of the paddlers is going off of the front end, because they dove too deeply into the hole. The frame is a Four Corners River Sports Frame. These are the frames that we use the most. The modular concept makes them extremely useful for both day trips and for extended Grand Canyon trips.

How Many Kids Can Ride on a Daddy Cat?
Customers often ask if Catarafts are child friendly. Our answer is yes. Add deck boards, floor boards, and beavertails to get more room for your kids to move around. The boat in this picture has an extra drop frame in the front. Still there are a bunch of kids on the boat.

Upper Animas Whitewater Rafting with Four Corners Whitewater
Daddy cats set up with paddle assist are the most maneuverable class 4+ whitewater rafts available.

If you want maximum rapids and adrenaline, this is the trip for you. Take one, two or three days to complete up to 28 miles of the most intense whitewater you can imagine. Our expert raft guides and safety kayakers will show you what whitewater is all about. You will enjoy our scenic campsite and tasty meals after a full day on the river. Choose a three day trip if you want to take some time to hike in the incredible Weminuche Wilderness. To top it off, the trip includes a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Guage Railway at the end of the trip.

Get all the details on Upper Animas rafting and kayaking with 4 Corners Whitewater.

Cargo Cataraft in the Grand Canyon at Lava Falls
This is a photo of a Daddy Cat in the V wave section of Lava Falls. This photo is rather unique because it captures the knarlyness of the right side of this rapid. Believe it or not... this is a good and clasic run. Dean Krakel is comming out of the V wave section and he is in control, and he is straight. That does not happen all the time. Good run Dean!


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