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El Tigre - Big Cargo Cats

Kent Green's Boat above Cataract Canyon

Kent Green had us make this set of tubes, then he sent us a picture of the boat making its way down to Cataract Canyon.  Check out all the gear aboard, and the size of the motor and the speed he is making. 


How to Eat Well on an 18 day Grand Canyon Trip

Eating well is really about food preservation , and knowing what you can and can’t get away with.  A lot of the problem is keeping ice and knowing what needs to be in a cooler and what does not.  The less you put in a cooler, the less ice you need to keep it cool, and the less the cooler will be opened. Follow this link to get one persons point of view.


Rod Finishes Stretch El Tigre for Powerlite Corp
In this picture, Rod is putting the finishing touches on a 28 inch diameter El Tigre that has a 15 ft waterline. This set of tubes was ordered by the Powerlight company. Powerlight is a solar power producer. They needed a working platform to complete a generating station in the river bottom in the Napa Valley in california. This year it flooded, and they could not get any of their equipment out there to finish the job. JPW shipped this set of custom tubes in 2 weeks. NRS shipped frame parts in 7 days. We hope that this will result in the project comming on line as scheduled. The Design has four 4 X 8 ft plywood sheets on a simple frame. this gives a 8 X 16 ft working platform. Powerlight plans to drag this platform out through the mud so their project can be completed on schedule.

Visit Powerlight Photo Voltaic Powerplant System Ideas web site.

Super El Tigre 30in Diameter 15ft Water Line
These Tubes were built for Cruise Solutions in Belize. They are going to use it in their sight seeing tours along the rivers in Belize. The tubes are 30 inches in diameter the water line is 15 ft, total length including cone sections is 20 ft 9 inches. These tubes have 3 chambers per tube. View the the tube dimensions for an identical set with 2 chambers per tube.

Learn more about Cruise Solutions Belize LTD.

Decks Used for Gear and Passengers
In this photo we can see how the deck board is being used to haul gear and passengers. The gear load gives great back support to the passengers, who get a great ride up front on the deck. This deck board was a full 4-ft by 8-ft sheet of AC 3/4-inch plywood.

Cargo Cataraft in Lava Falls
This picture shows big red blowing through the corner of the ledge at the top of lava falls. We were running about 10k.

El Tigre and Fat Cat Haul the Meat
Laura Snyder and family went on a hunting trip in Alaska. Then they ran out of room for game on the El Tigre, they parked the Fat Cat behind and between the tubes to make a trailer for the moose that they bagged. This boat is one ft shorter than the standard design.

Here is what Laura had to say about it. " I took it to Alaska on a float/hunting trip with my husband and son. You asked for some photos. Thought you might like these.
With three passengers, two caribou and gear for two weeks we had approximately 1,800 pounds on the large raft. My husband then loaded the moose, another 600/700 lbs. on a Fat Cat and rigged it to tow behind."

The Big Red Party Barge
Cats with deck boards make great lounge spots after dinner. I caught the crew relaxing on red after they had made it into a recliner.

Remote Alaska Wilderness Float Fishing and Hunting
We like to help people realize their life style choices. Here is what Sam Tuck had to say about his El Tigre Cataraft. See the Moose he baged. Here is a profile of the boat with many caribou horns behind it. It must have been a successfull hunt.

First of all I would like to thank you for a great cataraft. I purchased an El Tigre with 28 inches of additional length added to the floats last year from you. Over the past two seasons it has been on some of the most remote rivers in Alaska. Last season I floated the Noatak river ( 220 river miles ) and about 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Had an awesome 14 day float in which our party took 9 caribou and 1 grizzly. This season we motored up the Innoko River ( over 200 river miles ) and took a once in a lifetime moose. This is another very remote area as we didn't see a person or even hear a plane for over a week. I've attached several pics that you may find interesting. I'm sending them to you in a lower quality format so that your download time will not be overly long. Hope you enjoy them.

The El Tigre has been a stellar performer here in Alaska where a harsh environment is a given! When I have more time I'll go into more detail about the El Tigre here in Alaska. Needless to say that several friends are now in the process of selling their cats to purchase an El Tigre!

Down River Equipment Frame on Super Eltigre Tubes
This is a Super Eltigre 30 Cataraft with a Down River Equipment Frame on it. This frame has been decked with diamond plate all across the floor, and as a walkway on top of the tubes. This is a Cargo Cataraft, for the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon in high water, or for large rivers like the Columbia. Specs on the tubes are 15 ft water line (the part resting on the pavement) 3 separate chambers per tube, 24 2 inch d ring patches. Contact Down River Equipment Company in Denver
for more information about the frame.

Check out our cataraft draft vs load.
Have a look at our custom tube styles.


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