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Interesting Trips With Our Inflatable Products

How Canyon Voyages Uses our Cutthroat on the River

Hi Jack & Errol,

I wanted to let you know how great your Cutthroat Cat is working for us. As you know, we're located just a couple of miles from the Colorado River. The Cutthroat works great as a small yet quick support craft for our inflatable kayak trips. Our guides can carry lunch, water and first aid for the group, plus because of the quickness of using oars, the Cutthroat is a great "safety" cat.

The class III/IV rapids of Westwater Canyon were easily run with the Cutthroat. Last year I ran a day trip with Errol and Rod. We had a great time and the Cutthroats danced. With the rower's position "up front" on the Cutthroat frame, you can really punch through when you need the extra power. The row out of Westwater is six miles of flat water but using the oars on the Cutthroat makes it a breeze.

We also used the Cutthroat on a low water upper San Juan River trip. It was the envy of everyone on our three-day private trip. The Cutthroat can carry a substantial amount of gear when you need it and it loads up easily. We had a great time running the river, exploring Indian ruins and enjoying the late winter sun. The last day we were hit with 35 mph upstream winds. At times, the Cutthroat (with oars) was the only boat that could continue moving downstream against the wind. The inflatable
kayak and small paddle raft in our group were headed back upstream to the "put-in"! Yes, I shared the Cutthroat that day.

The Cutthroat is a great craft. It's well suited to small rivers and creeks but it can dance on fairly big water when you need it. Our Cutthroat is set-up with a one-foot frame extension to accommodate one or two passengers on one rower plus extra gear. We keep a demo model on hand so if anyone is in the Moab area I encourage them to come "give it a row". Outfitters should consider its capabilities for kayak support or as a "safety cat" for technical or cold-water trips.

Keep on making great boats and gear! I'm glad I know Jack! (and Errol)


Don Oblak
Canyon Voyages Adventure Co.


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