Custom Dry Bag Design Procedure

customer designed custom size dry bag

The 38 in by 38 in by 3.94 in dimensions in this drawing represent the cargo inside of the bag. You can see that there is 1 inch clearance on each side for ease of the item removal. The handle is located in the center of the cargo on the side for the best balance. This bag was customized for easier handling of the Gong that fits inside with 2 handles on the top wide face. We can always move handles or the d rings to different locations to fit your needs.

Please measure the longest length, the greatest thickness, and the widest width, of the item you are going to put in the bag. We will adjust the patterns to fit your item.

Please give us as much information about where the D rings and handles should go, what kind of closure you would like, and any other accessories that you may want. For more information on those accessories and options see this web page. Call if you need to, 1-800-742-1904.

A simple size change to this style of bag would cost $30.00. Complex designs need to go through the prototype production process. It is still less costly to use a standard bag for your item even though it may be slightly larger than you want. This table is a list of many of the custom bags we have made, and that we have designs for. if you wish to use one of these designs, it will cost $20.00 to slip this into the production run. Some of these bags do not use material efficiently, and some have heavy fabrics that cost more. It is not possible to price them all individually. You must ask for a quote.

We make a wide variety of custom dry bags for just about anything. We are especially proud of our musical instrument cases. We also make cases for percussion mallets and drum sticks. as well as Gongs and cymbal bags.

closure design issues– The closure systems used on our dry bags are roll type closures. That meens they either roll down and clip to the side, like the 3 larger round bottom bags , or roll and clip to itself at the top , like the smaller stow bag in this picture. Closures require extra material, on the end or the side. We allow for enough to get at least 3 complete rolls on the closure and to go Half way down the load in the bag.

If you are a customer, we want you to understand that we know the math behind building dry bags, and have 34 years experience. The closure is something that we will automatically calculate for.

Extra Size issue– When we design a bag, we usually include 2 extra inches of width in the bag itself. For this reason in the table you will see 2 different sets of width dimensions. One is the maximum width of the item we are protecting, and the other wider dimension is the width of the bag. Over the years, we have determined that this measurement works well in most cases.