Standard Dry Bag Classifications and Pictures:

Dry bags are classified as stow bags – where the closure is made by rolling it down and attaching it to itself to make a handle.

               Outfitter stow

outfitter stow dry bag


Flat bottom – where the end of the bag is a flat seam with grommets in it

               All other stow bags that are not designated with the word outfitter

               Guitar bag – are not stow bags because the closure rolls down and attaches to the side of the bag.  There are other customized bags that do this too, and they do it in different ways.

Guitar Dry bag

Round bottom outfitter- where a round “disk shaped” piece of material is welded on the bottom

               Small, medium and large round bottom outfitter bags. (outfitter stow on the left)

Roll down outfitter bags

Double ended-   where there are closures on both ends

double ended duffle has closures on both ends

Roll Down Duffle- where the bag is a cylinder with 2 round ends and the closure is on the side.

Roll down Duffel, round ends closure on the side

Generally the larger the item put in the bag or the larger the item name associated to the bag, the larger the bag will be.  For instance, a Canoe is larger than a kayak, and so canoe stow bags are larger than Kayak stow bags, but Tent stow bags are even longer than Canoe stow bags because the tent poles are long, and they could poke holes in a shorter bag.