Cirque Du Soliel light weight inflatables

Inflatable refridgerator skeleton weighs less than 20 lbs
Inflatable refridgerator skeleton weighs less than 20 lbs

Light Weight Inflatables for Cirque Du Soliel
More than 5 years ago the rigging team at Cirque Du Soliel called us to make some inflatable back braces for one of their performances. We changed the fabric style on the old ones that they had, and made some improvements, and they still purchased a batch this year. They are not wearin out as soon as they thought, so we do not have to replace them as often. However they were impressed with out ability to make light weight strong inflatable items.

The item in this picture is an inflatable dummy made of Airline life jacket inflatable fabric. It has a cartridge that inflates it. It is for a magic act. This computer model was superimposed on a human form to get the correct design shape.

This second item is an inflatable refridgerator skeleton. The Cirque Du Soliel folks put a skin on it to make it look like a refrigerator, and drop it on a cable on top of a performer. The performer opens the drop stitch inflatable door, and walks out. Needless to say weight was a big issue. We were able to cut the weight of a foam construction almost in half.

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