lungs for Patient Simulators

meti lung - a lung for a patient simulator
meti lung – a lung for a patient simulator


JPW has been making lungs for patient simulators for more than 6 years now.  The picture here does not look like much, but these are sophisticated components of a very sophisticated training system.  There is a ram that moves up and down inside the chest cavity, and it moves through the hole inside of the lung.  The hole is actually a bellows system so that the lung can still have maximum volume.  Obtaining maximum volume and still having a life like response from the simulator was a huge challenge.  This concept was a combined effort from the people at METI, and Jack’s Plastic Welding.  We rely heavily on the experience and understanding from our customers.  We would not have this novel solution to this problem, If it were not for the METI engineers who offered up various ways to solve the problem. For more information, please have a look the The Metiman page. You can watch a video of how the system actually works.  We also make lungs for the baby simulators too, and a blood bladder so they can bleed too.  Here they are deflated, and here they are inflated. Note the time on the cell phone to determine air holding.