Refund and Returns Policy

Hello, Amazing Jack’s Plastic Welding Fan! Ready for a spin on the refunds and returns merry-go-round? Here’s the scoop!

Time’s Ticking: 30-Day Countdown – Changed your mind? No sweat! You’ve got a solid 30 days from the purchase date to hit the reverse button. But remember, once those 30 days have sailed, we’re in no-refund-no-exchange waters.

Return Eligibility: Like New, Please! – To make a return, your item should be just as you got it—unused, unscathed, and snuggled in its original packaging. Oh, and bring your receipt or proof of purchase—it’s your golden ticket to Returnsville.

Direct Returns: Straight to Us! – Since we’re the makers of these fine products, please send your returns directly to us. No middlemen, no fuss!

First Contact: Let’s Chat Before You Pack – Got an issue? Hold up on boxing that item! Reach out to us first—maybe we can sort things out without you needing to visit the post office. We’re all about solutions!

Partial Refunds: The Sometimes Zone

  • If your item isn’t in its original condition, is damaged, or missing parts for reasons on your end, we might only be able to do a partial refund.
  • Late returns (post-30 days) are also eligible only for partial refunds.

Refunds: The Waiting Dance – Returned something? We’ll email you once it’s in our hands. If we approve your refund, it’ll make its way back to your credit card or original payment method—patience is key!

Missing Refunds: Detective Mode – No refund yet? Here’s your checklist:

  1. Double-check your bank account.
  2. Converse with your credit card company.
  3. Contact your bank.
  4. Still no luck? Email us at We’re on it!

Sale Items: Regulars Only – Only standard items can typically be refunded. Sale or Custom items are like those great party guests who never leave—they’re here to stay.

Exchanges: The Swap Story – If your item is defective or damaged, let’s make a swap! Email us at and send your item to 115 S Main, Aztec NM, 87410 for an exchange.

Gift Returns: The Delicate Dance Received a gift directly? You’ll get a gift credit once we receive the return. If it wasn’t marked as a gift, or the giver got it first, the refund goes back to them (and yes, they’ll know).

Shipping Your Return: Your Ship, Your Dime Please mail your product to 115 S Main, Aztec NM, 87410. Remember, you’re covering the shipping costs, which aren’t refundable. For those pricier items, consider trackable shipping or insurance.

Any Questions? We’re Here! Need guidance or have a question? Contact us at for all things refunds and returns.

Remember, at Jack’s Plastic Welding, we’re all about keeping things light-hearted but our policies, as fun as they sound, are pretty serious. Thanks for sticking with us!