Eco Auger is an environmentally friendly hydroelectric power generating product. It uses the power of moving water to generate electricity, and it does this without the use of dams. It can be installed in tidal areas, or even in irrigation canals. Eco Auger is not harmful to fish, and can be easily transported and set up in remote locations. It features a roto molded auger system made up of pieces that lock together when it rotates in a current. It has inflatable pontoons that float the deck and the auger.

ECO-Auger is the winner of the 2009 Connoco Phillips energy prize.

The Eco Auger is the brain child of W Scott Anderson, CEO of Smart Products Innovations Inc.

ECO-Auger tubes and Auger in position getting ready for the frame work

The frame is being made by Bausch Enterprises in Stuart Fl. This first unit will be tested, and then it is going to go to New Zealand and have a home generating electricity for the Maori people.


ECO-Auger with a preliminary frame concept

This solid works drawing shows a preliminary design of how the inflatable tubes are attached to the framework.  It was necessary to come up with a frame design so that I could show Scotts Team how I would attach the tubes to the frame.  They used a lot of these concepts.  

ECO-Auger view from the front

This view gives a different perspective of some of the engineering issues at stake.  The blue line represents the water line.  At this point it is interesting to note that the auger itself is made of many different roto molded pieces ( Made in New Zealand ).  When these pieces spin, the auger locks into position on the shaft.     

ECO-Auger is the property of ECO-Auger International,Inc.  Juno Beach FL 33401


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