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Inflatable Prototype and custom products

Click on the links below to see examples of productsthat are not part of our standard whitewater offering.General catagoies include spill containments, and culvert plugs, for the Oil and gas industry, scientific devices for lifting equipment, coral reef studies, and Tsunami warning sensor bags, sled tubes for Greenland traverse, water park rides, light weight inflatables, medical heat packs, Aerodynamic bumpers for long haul truckers.

JPW rope ascender floats help fight piracy on the high seas.

  JPW rope ascender floats help fight piracy on the high seas.  This flotation device allows a heavy item to be carried by Navy Seals and their counterparts in other countries.  The device is a rope ascender with a high gear ratio that can help the good guys board pirate ships and take them over. 

Inflatable Theater Structures

We have partnered with Landmark Creations to build 2 different inflatable structures for Elumanati.  Elumanati  is a company that has a unique projector system that can project images on curved surfaces.  When combined with a sound system, these are great visual experiences for their customers. 

Please have a look at the Dome structure that reaches over the viewer’s head. In use.

This is the uncovered version at our shop inflated.

Have a look at the SW image as a computer model.


Lungs for Patient Simulators

JPW has been making lungs for patient simulators for more than 6 years now.  The picture here does not look like much, but these are sophisticated components of a very sophisticated training system.  There is a ram that moves up and down inside the chest cavity, and it moves through the hole inside of the lung.  The hole is actually a bellows system so that the lung can still have maximum volume.  Obtaining maximum volume and still having a life like response from the simulator was a huge challenge.  This concept was a combined effort from the people at METI, and Jack’s Plastic Welding.  We rely heavily on the experience and understanding from our customers.  We would not have this novel solution to this problem, If it were not for the METI engineers who offered up various ways to solve the problem. For more information, please have a look the “The Metiman” page. You can watch a video of how the system actually works.  We also make lungs for the baby simulators too, and are in the process of designing a bladder for other purposes. Recently we just finished something that they call the Blood bag. Here they are deflated, and here they are inflated. Note the time on the cell phone to determine air holding

GRIT sled pontoons serve as a shock absorber on Greenland Traverse

The National Science foundation Has a station at the summit in Greenland. This summit is the top of the ice that fills this large island. It is 10,000 ft in elevation, yet it really is not a mountain. instead is is the accumulated snow over the eons of time. To reach this summit and do scientific work on global warming and other issues, scientists would have to fly in. The Greenland traverse project is a way to cut cost of flying massive loads of gear 1500 miles into the interior. In this process we have learned a lot about cold weather operation of fabrics, and the different application of using these as shock absorbers for large gear loads.

Read more about the traverse

Pinky Light Inflatable Tubes
Bill Coleman from stiltwalker.com aproached us with the problem of how to make giant heads that can be easily packed up into a suitcase. These inflatables are actually the stuffing that goes inside of the head in the Giant Puppets that they operate. Please notice that I am holding up the largest inflatable with my little finger. I am not exceptionally strong. These inflatables are exceptionally light. They have a strong grommet on the bottom to attach the head to the neck, and the blue fabric around the circumference at the bottom is to attach webbing to strengthen the attachment to the neck region.

Customized Rescue Equipment
This small cataraft has a specially built frame that accepts a stokes litter. Strategically placed handles make it easy to walk the craft down the Virgin River through Zion Narrows. This craft replaced a heavier much more cumbersome raft that took more people to maneuver and carry up stream.

Yacht Racing Marks
These big cone shaped inflatables sit high on the water. They are being used as marker buoys all over the West Coast for sail boat races.

Cataraft Turned to Sportboat
This 14-ft catboat has a lightweight frame and a plywood floor that hinges and folds up. The boat planes on the plywood floor. With a 25-hp motor, this boat was able to up run the Colorado near Moab Utah, through Whites Rapid.

Rapid Deployment Spill Containment
With the addition of a CO2 canister this compact inflatable device can be rapidly deployed to catch spills in a variety of emergency situations. The deflated unit is small enough to fit behind the seat of a semi tractor rig.

This is a compact rapid deployment system that rolls up and fits into a bag pipe mounted behind the cab of a semi tractor. If there is a fuel tank rupture, the unit can be rapidly deployed. It takes seconds for the unit to inflate. The inflatable ring rides on top of the fluid trapped inside the skirt. The one pictured here is the original proto type.

Have a look at the Solid Works drawing of the final design.

It has a Schrader valve for emergency inflation and only 2 handles. Both designs have 180 gallon capacity. With a higher skirt, the capacity could be much more.

Culvert Plug
One of our customers needed a way to plug culverts so they could economically contain a hazardous spill. This plug was made to accomplish the task. It fits into a 48 inch diameter culvert. It has a handle to help pull it out after the test. There is a boat valve for manual inflation and deflation, and we are installing a refillable CO2 bottle with it so that the unit will be ready to go in a remote location without the need for a power supply. Have a look at a profile of the unit.

Ultimate Hot Pack Medical Devices
This link will take you to a picture of a device that is used to heat IV fluids before they are given to a patient. Leonard Stensas of Ultimate Hot pack developed this technology. Ultimate hot pack also has hot packs that are used to warm core body temperature, and a hot pack that heats supplied oxygen. Leonard is an EMT in Lander Wyo. He knows cold and how to treat hypothermia even in trauma patients. Visit his web site at http://www.hotpack.net. Jack's Plastic Welding Inc makes the reuseable bladder that the chemicals are stored and activated in. Below is a description of the IV warmer

The Wilderness IV Warmer utilizes the Hot Pack technology to HEAT IV fluids to help reduce the effects of hypothermia and shock. Complete with insulated IV tubing cover, two chemical packs, and full instructions. PVC/Nylon Reinforced bladder is unconditionally guaranteed.

Raise the ambient temperature of a 1000 cc IV 40° F in 15 minutes. Great on the scene and in transit.

USGS Clear Plastic Chamber for Ocean Water Chemistry Studies
Nathan Smiley form the USGS in Florida commissioned us to build something we have never done before. To do this work we had to re think our process so we could weld unsupported vinyl film into a cataraft tube shape. The USGS be suspends this tube inflated with sea water under water for water quality analysis. We also built large clear tarps for the Sharq project. These studies will help find answers to why coral reefs are dieing world wide. This study is critical to our survival since 70% or more of our oxygen comes from healthy oceans. To learn more about the work that they do visit these web sites.


Spa lift bags, from Prototype to Custom Production
Early in 2004 we started on a prototype project for Almar Manufactruing to make a lift bag for the spa industry. This resulted in a number of custom production runs for this product. They lift a spa on its edge and then it can be easily placed on a cart for transport to the spa site for installation. If you are interested in this product contact Almar Mfg for prices at this web site www.spadolly.com.

Polyethylene Foam Rescue Sled
We built this polyethylene foam rescue sled in 1990. It has a steering system so that it can be lowered into a concrete storm drain system. The device theoretically will be able to be steered back and forth across the swift water when it is teathered from the sides.

Tsunami Warning Dry Bags
The spring of 2006 The Volcanoe Augistine near the Mouth of the Cook Inlet was showing some activity. The folks at the Tsunami warning Center in Palmer, AK asked us to build these simple dry bag devices. The Idea was to anchor pressure transducers on the floor of the Cook Inlet, and if a Tsunami did come racing up the Inlet as a result of volcanic eruption, or earthquake, the pressure would go up due to the pressure of the water on top of the transducer. We are still waiting to hear if this has tested successful or not.

Here is what they said this year about the bags.

Hi Jack,
   In 2006 you made some enclosures for me that were called transducer bags. They were made of PVC, and had a PVC pipe fitting at one end. Essentially it looked like a heavy duty hot water bottle for body ache therapy.

We have had only three opportunities to use these soft enclosures in the ocean with a sensor enclosed within them. In real applications the bags you made were never retrieved, as the cable connecting them broke. It used to be that the sensor itself was the weak link in these applications, but the enclosure you made eliminated the vulnerability of the water pressure sensor inlet, and the weakest point of the installation became the cable.

I have had a sensor enclosed in a bag that was left outside in the sun and elements for 5 years and I removed the sensor today. While this bag was never installed at the ocean it was undisturbed  and exposed all these years in temperatures from high 80's to the -20's. The sensor looks new. The bag is flexible and strong. The seal you made around the PVC pipe fitting was as good as the day it was made. The bag had 1 quart of polypropylene anti-freeze in it all this time. I still have several years of use left in this bag.

I wanted to let you know that the material and construction of these custom enclosures you made have the strength and durability that the Tsunami Warning Center requires for the environment of tsunami monitoring.

Michael Burgy
Senior Electronics Technician
West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

Master Blaster Water Park Ride
This is a picture of the Master Blaster Raft. It was designed and built to run in a channel of water that shoots down a roller coaste shaped flume. Water flows up the flume because of it’s inertia. The pockets on the bottom of the Master Blaster gather up this water and the unit and the people flow up the flume with it. This gives the roller coaster effect on water. These boats were built for a water park in Mexico City. Have a look at the bottom of the craft. Have a look at the Solid Works drawing of the product.

Light Weight Inflatables for Cirque Du Soliel
More than 5 years ago the rigging team at Cirque Du Soliel called us to make some inflatable back braces for one of their performances. We changed the fabric style on the old ones that they had, and made some improvements, and they still purchased a batch this year. They are not wearin out as soon as they thought, so we do not have to replace them as often. However they were impressed with out ability to make light weight strong inflatable items.

The item in this picture is an inflatable dummy made of Airline life jacket inflatable fabric. It has a cartridge that inflates it. It is for a magic act. This computer model was superimposed on a human form to get the correct design shape.

This second item is an inflatable refridgerator skeleton. The Cirque Du Soliel folks put a skin on it to make it look like a refrigerator, and drop it on a cable on top of a performer. The performer opens the drop stitch inflatable door, and walks out. Needless to say weight was a big issue. We were able to cut the weight of a foam construction almost in half.

See more information about Cirque Du Soliel


Aerodynamic bumper for long haul truckers

This is not the picture of the bumper on a tractor trailer rig.  It is the one on a pickup truck.   I hope to have one on the tractor trailer soon.  This was sent to us by the Aerobumper people.  for more information please contact us. 


Replacement Keel Tube for Inflatable Sport Boat
We can build you a new keel tube for your sport boat (inflatable tender). Just send us the old one, and we can make a pattern off of it. Our replacement keel tubes are made with our heavy duty boat fabric, and have reinforced ends to minimize wear in the corners. They are very air tight. The main seam is taped with the same coated fabric that the tubes are made of. This results in a very strong seam. Seams are gauranteed for 10 years.

Follow this link to get instructions on how to measure your keel tube so we can give you an acurate cost and have an acurate design.


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