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Custom dry bag table.    If you can find it in here we have made it before, and it will cost you less, because we do not have to redesign it.  
Prices on the immages do not reflect the actual cost.  Some of these were built years ago and those prices may not be accurate.
Visit this page for custom bag options- General concepts and names- closure Adaptations- Material Discussion-
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description of what the bag is for link for the Sw model, with cargo dimensions for the link Second immage for clarification comment
bucket with removable velcro pocket 18 high  14.75 D velcro pocket buckets can be made any diameter.  There is a design chagre for new models
Douuble ended dufflebags
Cammel bag with Daisey chain 31 X 12.75 X 15 With daisey chain on both sides-see the web site about this expediton to Ethiopia- 100 liters
Motor home ladder bag 87 X 3.5 X 4
BLM fire dbl end duff 24 X 30 X 12
cyber defense bag  with cargo flat dim 23.625 X 57
Drop bags
advanced tower systems 30 X 16 X 16 With a channel closure on  the bottom
Arnies drop bag 39 X 15 X 19 With end handles and channel closure at bottom
Scott B drop bag 54 X 40 X 19 40 inches tall very unusual
SJ wildland fire fighters 42 X  36 X 13.5 not very tall compared to width.  More usual
Winter park disabled center 48 X 24 X 24 With handle- A more common shape
Holiday style oval size of military Black Bags With exztra D rings for bag tie down to raft.  Used as a rescue gear bag by NOLS


Mesh bags

standard drink and can bag 28 tall by 13 dia Grommet and hem closure
Mesh or zip top 10.25 X 10 X 22 either zipper or velcro closure 
Advanced tower systems tool bag 11.5 tall and 7.5 dia Built only one and it cost too much to design
motor bag
Tatahotso 20 hp motor bag immage 1 immage 2 Built to fit around the spec found on the internet
same bag 2 more drawings immage 3 immage 4 If you need this kind of precision fit, there will be extra design cost.  
Misc equipment bags
Chain saw bag 13 X 47 X 13 Chain saw used to cut logs out of piedra river
Hand saw bag flat 43 X 14 liner has a hd liner for the blade
computer bag 12 X 18 X 8 stow bag style closure & d ring on front
Dave Muir fan bag  15 X 16 X 4 with 2 handles but stow bag closure style
Dave Muir Generator bag 20 X 17 X 12 stow bag closure- handles on sides for lifting out of confined space
Dave Muir Motorcycle bag  25 X 23 X 4 stow bag closure, 2 handles on 35 oz materialfor wear resistance
Dave Muir Heater bag 19 X 18 X 12 handles to lift out of confined space Stow bag closure
Drake Roberts Electric Scooter bag 48 X 19 X17 goes over an electric scooter for a city schuttle business.  The scooter goes in the trunk of a clients car, who needs a ride home from the bar.
Airizona River Runners EZ up bags 57 tall by 15 dia have reinforced sections where the metal parts wear on the bag
Ron Flint Shot gun bag  flat measure immage dim not accurate, but you get the concept Actual adjusted size for ron in sept 2012 is 12 by 60.5 flat
James Harris survey stand 6 X 53 X 3
Jared Bartholemew REI comfort cot 33 X 33 X 9.5
Jennifers very large bike bag 44 X 68 X 26 Huge  -Roll down closure and handle
masage table bag- far and away adventrues 34 X 38 X 12 roll down and handles
cot bag -Mike Malko 48 X 9 X 5
roll a cot bag flat dim 61 X 13 .6
Exersize equip bag tim stone 30 X 20 X 4 roll down and handle
Un manned aerial vehical bag 31 tall 6.5 dia sounds like a military request
Musical Instrument bags
3/4 martin guitar Bruce W 15.5 X40 X 5 Roll down closure
3/4 martin guitar #2 40 X 5 X 15.5 stow bag style closure
Acordian bag #1 17 X 11 X 20 roll down closure- handle on side
Acordian bag #2 16.5 X 14.5 X9.5 Roll down closure different handle on front
Bass guitar- Johnny Miner 7 X 20 X 52 Roll down closure handle on side
Fiddle Bag Kathy Rogg 13 X 32 X 5.5 roll down closure handle centered on front of load
martain Back Pack Guitar 9 X 38 X 3 Stow bag closure handle centered on front of load
long guitar bag- paul whitefield 52 X 19 X 7 8 inches longer than the stardard guitar bag, and only 2 in narrower
Small guitar Scott Cates 37 X 13 X 4 Stow bag closure no handle
Small guitar Steve Exe 37.5 X 4.5 X 10 Roll down with handle centered
Ukulele  12 X 30 X 6 Roll down with handle centered on side
mandoline bag 12 X 29 X 5.5 Roll down handle centered on front
Cymbal, gong, and stick bag
Gong Bag -Chris Thornley 38 X 38 X 4 roll down 2 handles on front, 2 handles on side
Cymbal bag- flat measurement 25 X 23.6 Foam and back pack straps for serious precussion musicians
Stick Bag Fold over-flat measure like a utinsil bag for camping has a handle on the flap you can not see.in this immage
Panier bag and saddle bags
Panier bag  no dimensions custom made for trophy elk hunts- hangs on the pack horse made for packing out the elk
saddle bag  no dimensions
Stove and fire pan bags
stove Ben Nieves 25 X 16.75 X 5.75 Stow bag style with 42 oz bottom material
Camp Cheff stove bag 14.25 X26.5 X 6.25 35 oz material bottom, and 18 oz material for closure Stow bag style closure
Fire Pan Bag - Dave Muir 15 X 21 X 5 heavy bottom, 18 oxz closure stow bag style with handles
Small fire Pan bag - Dave Muir 13.5 X 16.5 X  3.75 Stow bag closure and 2 handles
Partner stove bag _David Muir 10 X 12.5 X 7.25 Stow bag closure and 2 handles
stove bag Moki Mac camp sheff 14.5 X 33 X 7.5 Cam buckle soft-stow closure- handle centered on front
Partner stove 4 burner 13 X 18.5 X 6.75 Heavy material, stow bag "soft" closure
small partner stove bag - Less Stone 9 X 12 X 6 roll down grommet closure
Stove Wind Screen Bag 33.75X 7.25 X 1 Stow bag style closure
Fire Pan and Fire Blanket- tim Stone 18 X 30 X 5 Cam buckle stow bag closure
Partner stove - tim stone 12 X 18 X 7 Cam buckle stow bag closure and handle centered on front

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