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Big Brother Cats

New Style Big Brother Slams the Wall in Quartzite
Unfortunately Quartzite rapid on the Salt River has been changed. It was a Class 5+ run. Our cats were the only boats to successfully negotiate this rapid consistently before it was dynamited. This photo is of the new Quartzite. In this photo the Big Brother takes a serious bounce off of the wall without any damage. This photo shows just how strong the fabric is in our boats. Welded PVC makes a superior boat that will out last any other coated fabric. Our boats hold the scars to prove it.

The pictures in this section are of Big Brother cats that are 1988 models and later. Beginning with model year 1999, all Big Brother Cats have new style end caps, handles, and 20 inch wide double bottom material. For a good look at what they would look like see the daddy cat pictures above. The Daddy Cats are simply two feet longer.

Big Brother Cat on a 5 Day Trip
Here is a picture of a Big Brother cat with a medium gear load. One of the interesting things about this picture is that it depicts how cats work. Note that the wave is exploding inside of the tubes. With cats there is very little restricting the floor of the river between the tubes of the boat. That is why Catarafts have been able to go where no other type of raft has been able to go before.

Big Bro Upper Animas Class 4+
This shot shows a big brother on a class 5 run on the Upper Animas. There are two paddlers, and one oarsman. This is a very effective way to run difficult stretches.

Big brother cat runs Upset Rapid video

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