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Warranty issues resolved at JPW

Dear dealers, customers and potential customers,

Recently I have had some issues with a customer.  We may have sent him a defective pad.  I want every one of our customers to know that we make mistakes occasionally, and it is better to contact us directly if there is a problem.

No matter where you purchase one of our products.  It is much more efficient to contact us directly if you think that you have a warranty issue.   Often Stores will try to address the problem for the customer.   Although that is admirable and good customer service, it is not the most efficient way to deal with the problem.  We would prefer to talk directly to the customer, and resolve the problem.

 I also would like you to know that when I get involved my ego can sometimes get in the way.  I will do my best to try and not let my pride cause a roadblock to problem resolution.   I extend my sincere apology to those people that I may have harmed with my ego fueled reaction to a problem.  

Now for a bit of a reality check:

We have warranties that are based on what we need to do to stay competitive in this business.  That includes keeping our customers happy when we or our suppliers goof up.   Many customers have had problems with our products after years of use, and when that happens, we often get compliments on how well the product worked until the problem started.   We have been in business for 27 years, and most often those kinds of problems are out of warranty.  When we fix a product that is out of warranty, the customer knows that the product will probably work long time before it has more problems.  We get a lot of return business that way.  At the same time we actually make a little on the repairs, and everyone is happy because the customer did not have to purchase a new product, saved money, and we may actually get a new item sold down the road.  Some customers have had problems that they think are warranty issues when they are really simply abuse issues.  A case in point is the fellow who would drive his cat tubes across coral reefs, and expecting that they would hold up.  Although coral reefs are not specifically mentioned as voiding a warranty, common sense would probably indicate to a person that this is something that should not be done.  We came to an agreement with the customer that was satisfactory to both of us.  Problem resolution is what we would like to do, and we would like to do it in a way that meets everyone’s needs.  We need to stay in business, and we need to keep our customers happy so they can experience the lifestyles that they believe they can have when they use our products.  We need to compete with products that come from other countries and are less expensive.   One of the ways we can add value is to give a better faster resolution to our customers when it is time to fix a problem.  We feel that being in the USA will help our customers feel better about purchasing our product at a higher price.   Some of these products are easy to make, and have a high competition factor; for example Paco Pads.  Some of these products are not easy to make.   For example the Culebra Frameless cats, or Welded Stand Up Paddle Boards.  Some of the products have problems that are not associated with our process, but may have issues that are associated with our supplier’s process.  For example having the right foam consistency in our pads.   Our suppliers feel exactly the same way we do.  They want to take care of problems, and we need to identify them and let them know if we come across any problems with the quality of the raw materials.  How else can we all make better more innovative products?

We have documented some of the successful warranty experiences of our customers, and would be happy to share them with anyone upon request.

We look forward to your continued support of our life style as we support yours.  Your business with us helps keep a few families going, and helps keep our economy strong.  We appreciate your business.


Jack Kloepfer


Jack’s Plastic Welding Inc.

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