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Oil Field and Industrial Products

Custom Diamond Mine Inflatable Entrance Closure
This is an arch that we designed to fit into an entry way at BHP Billiton’s Diamond mine in Canada. The size of the opening is 23.5 feet, and the ground slopes away at a 10 degree angle. The zip on curtain has a channel that one can put a pipe through and stake to the ground. Straps wrap around the arch and anchor it into the tunnel opening. Have a look at the Solid Works drawing. What is interesting about this drawing is it has some of the desing concepts inserted in the drawing so we could get the size of the arch perfect. Note the square concrete posts that the arch rests on.

See more information about BHP Billiton’s EKATI Diamond Mine

Inflatable Roller Tubes
We build all sizes and shapes of inflatable cylinders. One of the great uses for these are for rolling heavy items like boats over rough terrain like a beach. They can also inflate to lift a heavy item up in the air.

Have a look at a table with prices and links to drawings with different dimensions. This is not the only offering we have, but it gives a good idea of what the cost is for these industrial style welded roller tubes.

Custom Diamond Mine Culvert Plug 14 ft Diameter
We made a number of these 14 ft culvert plug we designed to keep snow out of BHP Billiton’s Diamond mine in Canada. The plug was too tall to fit into our show room, and so we could not fill it up all the way.

See more information about BHP Billiton’s EKATI Diamond Mine

Rapid Deployment Spill Containment
With the addition of a CO2 canister this compact inflatable device can be rapidly deployed to catch spills in a variety of emergency situations. The deflated unit is small enough to fit behind the seat of a semi tractor rig.

See the press Release on this product

This is a compact rapid deployment system that rolls up and fits into a bag pipe mounted behind the cab of a semi tractor. If there is a fuel tank rupture, the unit can be rapidly deployed. It takes seconds for the unit to inflate. The inflatable ring rides on top of the fluid trapped inside the skirt. The one pictured here is the original proto type.

Have a look at the Solid Works drawing of the final design.

It has a Schrader valve for emergency inflation and only 2 handles. Both designs have 180 gallon capacity. With a higher skirt, the capacity could be much more.

GRIT sled pontoons serve as a shock absorber on Greenland Traverse

The National Science foundation Has a station at the summit in Greenland. This summit is the top of the ice that fills this large island. It is 10,000 ft in elevation, yet it really is not a mountain. instead is is the accumulated snow over the eons of time. To reach this summit and do scientific work on global warming and other issues, scientists would have to fly in. The Greenland traverse project is a way to cut cost of flying massive loads of gear 1500 miles into the interior. In this process we have learned a lot about cold weather operation of fabrics, and the different application of using these as shock absorbers for large gear loads.

Read more about the traverse

Fenced in water containment system for  fighting wild fires

Use this containment with your own 13 ft. by 13 ft. fencing and you will have a portable tank that is widely used to combat wild fires.   Size is not constricted to 11 by 11 ft. that is just the price we have for this unit.  1005.00 for the liner only.  Note the rapid spill trunks.  They are tied up to the fence when you want to store water, and when you want to dump water they are simply untied.  The handles inside help drain the remainder of the water from the unit when you pull upward on the bottom.   The fence is not shown.   The top is reinforced with 2 inch weld able web and we use #4 spur (tooth) grommets that will not pull out.    


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