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Paco Pads

Paco Pads for rafting.

The link here is to an image that shows some very interesting physics.  I cannot figure out why the water from the bag is going in the opposite direction.  

Paco Pads are used on raft trips in a variety of ways.  They are not just for sleeping on.

They are for Yoga

They are used for splash guards to keep water out of the boat.

They are for lounge spots

And they can add a measure of fun to the trip, get creative.


Climbing Wall Pads

This Climbing Wall at San Juan College in Farmington includes a cave.  In the cave we have an 8 inch thick pad.  The cover on this pad is a heavy urethane coated fabric.  Outside of the wall are thinner pads that have a PVC coated fabric that is lighter.  This wall has been in use for nearly 8 years.  The extra durable material has given it great longevity.  Computer modeling allows us to collaborate on design, and build these kind of features.   We can ship them to you or deliver in some cases. 

How well will paco pads wear?

Just throw them out on the rocks for a nice lounge chair.

We have already done some advertising work with a group of fellows who used the pads for 35 days straight going from the top of wood mt 13700 ft to page AZ 3700 ft or a 10,000 ft drop.  They used their pads hard, and I experienced this on the last leg of the trip across lake powell. We were on the only solar powered traverse across the lake ever..... Including a protage of a 30 ft water fall.  see more about it at this web site. http://www.jpwinc.com/solarlakepowell.htm

So we feel that the combination of the new fabric, the corner condoms, and slightly more coating on the outter surface of the pads, will make them wear much better than the old pads did.  We have some heavy duty testing behind us to prove it. 


Paco Pad Videos or When rafters get bored, they come up with the craziest ideas

Running a Paco Pad through the Hole in 209 mile rapid. We do not recommend this. because it is not as good of a raft as it is a bed. If you leave the valve open, or have a hole in your pad, the foam could soak up the water and sleeping will be less comfortable. Jpw takes no liability for this behavior. In other words we did not intend for these to be used in this manner.

Paco pad Sledding. you can see that the slick surface of a paco pad could make this an exciting sled. Jpw takes no liability for this behavior. In other words we did not intend for these to be used in this manner.

Paco Pad review:

We take issue with some of the statements here. Durable and comfortable, but when he is talking about inflating it, I think he misses the point. You do not have to inflate it to have the comfort, otherwise do not take a 13 lb pad with you. Customers like them because if they get holes they still work. As far as the valve goes, when it is closed stop twisting it. By the way we will send a new blue cap Free of charge if it does not seal properly. For a firmer foam order the firmer foam mattress.

Remember that our pads are built in the USA since 1983 with foam certified to be manufactured without CFC (chlorofluorocarbons aka Freon) Can your Chinese pad manufacturer make the same claim?





Paco Pads with Size Specifications
Paco Pads are our most popular products. In this picture, our most Popular pads are featured with the sizes of foam that are inside of the covers. Paco Pads are the most durable and comfortable outdoor camping pads on the market today. Many of these pads have been in operation for over 18 years of commercial use. Silverback Paco Pad (4 X 26 X 78 inches of soft foam) and the Paco Grande (3 X 27 X 72 inches of soft foam), have two valves (one each edge near the top). They are not shown in this picture. Follow this link for more information about who uses Paco Pads, how they hold up, and where they are used. Click on Bag and Pad Warranty for more information about our warranty, and our customer service policy. If you are interested in Paco Pad Specifications that are in Metric, and English, follow this link. Paco Pad Shipping Weight and Volume is in this last link. Paco Pads are a registered trademark of Jack's Plastic Welding Inc.

Custom Pads for Grand Canyon Expeditions
There are two sizes of pads in this photo. the large one wraps around the mid section of the boat, and helps keep the customers safe and comfortable. The small one is back by the boatman so he does not have to sit on hot aluminum. these large pads are built the same way as our Paco Pads. They cushion hard spots and protect passengers from hard and hot metal parts (in the heat of the Grand Canyon) of these large whitewater rafts. We make custom pads for many applications. Courtesy of Grand Canyon Expeditons.

A Beautiful View Comes with Every Paco Pad
It is hard to get out of bed when the views are this good. There are two pads in this photo. Brand X is not being used. When there is a choice, Paco Pads always win.

Paco Pads are comfortable sleeping and boat lounging pads too
In the Grand Canyon rafts go through an evolution of rigging. By about day 3, passengers are trying to figure out the best way to set up the Paco Pads for the most comfort. They can become wonderful lounge lizard habitat. They can also add a lot of insulation when they are strapped on the top of a cooler.

Unloading Pads in the Hymilayas
After this trip John gave these pads to his friends and helpers who live in Nepal. I think it must be a wonderful thing to own a Paco Pad if you live over there. This Picture is Courtesy of John Fullbright Photography. 1-800-973-6046

Setting the Lad Adrift
Our son Joey (age 4) got tired and laid down on a pad that was floating near the waterfall. Then he fell asleep and slept for 3 hours. This boy never takes a nap.

What Major Powell Saw After Hanging from a Cliff for Two Hours
Seriously, we have not been making Paco Pads for that long. I think PVC was only invented in the 40's. I would like to thank Lars Nemi (CanynSply@aol.com), and David Kazinski for geting me this photo. Aparantly they were doing a little fooling around on thier own.

Paco Pads on top of Kilimanjaro
Here is what Eddy Frank said about our pads when he sent these pictures

Hey Jack.

Here's a couple pics I took for you with your paco pad on the top of Kilimanjaro last week. We had 30 pads on the mountain, and no one complained.

This pic was taken at 19,340' - the highest point on the African continent.

I've included a couple other pics for "color". If you use them, all I ask is that you make some cool comment, and make a link to my site www.tusker.com/Kilimanjaro.htm

Lemme know what you think, or if you need me to make some kind of endorsement. By the way, I really dig the pads. They're indestructable, even by 300 lb. clients.

Tusker Trails Safaris

Hiking up the Summit of Kilimanjaro
An internet picture can certainly not do justice to the view that must be seen from the summit of Kilimanjaro. It is hard for me to believe that Tusker Trails takes Paco Pads this far up. I think this is a record. Eddie Frank does this because he wants his customers to be comfortable, and nothing beats a paco pad.

Camp Below the Summit of Kilimanjaro
A beautiful scene at a camp just below snow line on the way up Kilimanjaro with Tusker Trails Safaris. Tusker trails uses paco pads because of their durrability, and comfort. They last even in Africa.


Custom Paco Pad Design Procedure
In this drawing you can see a trapezoid shaped Paco Pad with some special features. I chose this drawing, because it was not typical of our usual custom sizing and styling practice. Usually our custom Paco Pads are rectangular. Therefore all we would need to know is the length, thickness, and width. We also need to know if they are going to be rolled up, and if they need a valve. Valves are important to get pads small for shipping purposes. However many customers do not want valves on their pads.

This variation did need a drawing so we could specify the location of the loops that hold the straps in place. We also like to give customers a visual scale 3 dimensional drawing of what the product will look like with dimensions. In that way they can make sure that they are getting a workable product from us. This service costs a bit more, but our customers very much like not having to send items back to have them manufactured a second time. We like it too.

Industrial Covered Ethafoam Pads
This is a very unique solution to an old problem that has been plaguing Grand Canyon Motor Rig Outfitters for almost 40 years. We have been supplying pads for almost 20 of those years. Still there are a few Outfitters who just can not seem to keep the water out of their open cell Custom Paco Pads. We decided to try out this new method. This pad is a covered closed cell ethafoam pad. There are numerous vent holes in the cover on the side. These vent holes will allow water to run freely through the pad. Occasionally the pad will be cleaned out with a garden hose. Note the d rings on the top and bottom edges of the pad. These are tie downs to the frame. Every 3 years the pads will be flipped over, and approximately every 6 to 10 years the covers will be replaced on the foam.

Paco Pad Raft - Don't Try This at Home

Hi Jack,

Our lead guide, Neely South, recently constructed the four-paco kayak (paco-yak, paddle-paco, pac-yak) on the Rogue River. It has been thoroughly tested in Class III water. It's not maneuverable enough to be considered a sport craft, but does provide the opportunity to pull over and nap at any time.

Best Regards,

Brian Sykes
General Manager
Ouzel Outfitters

We really do not recomend doing this with paco pads. Hovever if you do, please check for holes and make sure that the valves are closed. A paco pad can function very well even if it has a hole. Thanks Brian. I think you have too much fun on the river. Learn more about Ouzel and the trips they offer. www.ouzeloutfitters.com

Paco Pad Relxing by the River
My Very Good Friend Otis Kunz is playing the Guitar in the shade. His Paco Pad is a great recliner on the rocks. The Cool evening breeze is blowing up from the river. Life is good.

Paco Pads....Part of the life style.

All a Woman Needs is 3 Inches of Pure Pleasure
At least that is what Lisa Glaser says to her customers at Mountain Quest Sports. Located right next to the top of the Rockies, Mountain Quest is one of our great dealers. Talk to Lisa, She knows what Paco Pads are for…

Testing the quality of our pad foam
Proof that we personally test out products for quality. Paco Pads need to meet some simple requirements. After a late nite of production, they simply have to function. The cover adds a bit of firmness to the foam, so we test the pad without the foam to make sure that comfort is maintained. Of course when there is a choice of foam to test, Paco Grande Foam is the best.

Paco Pads are great for when you NEED A REST
Laura just has to catch some sleep on the way back to Alaska from the Firth river trip in Canada. Proving once again you can always be at home when you have a paco pad.


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