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A guide to JPW web site-Great Information for Great products

If you have not spent much time at our web site before, and you are looking for something, it can get a bit overwhelming. That is why we came up with this synopsis of the JPW web site. In this synopsis you will see that we view things just a little differently, and there is an emphasis on design and creativity, and it is not just from us. We enlist the help of our customers. Our customers have been-Cammel trips across the desert sands in Africa, trips across the Antarctic and Greenland, all kinds of river trips with all kinds of river shuttles, search and rescue, inflatable structures, amusement part rides, Circus acts, movie production, computerized medical training equipment, lift bags, culvert plugs, floating docks and platforms, machine shop fixtures, underwater test chambers, lifting platforms, gold dredges, wildlife, fisheries, and biology projects, and classified government projects. Creative people contact us for creative solutions to interesting problems. We live vicariously through our customers experiences!

Photo Gallery- Go to this page, pick the subject you want to research. You can read about the product first before looking at the immage, or you can click on the immage link view the immage and then read the information. This is where the indepth information about a specific product will be located. Check out the custom and prototype section for some interesting ideas, and to get an idea about our capabilities.

Inflatable Pontoon Systems A Beginners Guide- If you have an interest in catarafts, but need basic information on how they work, read this-

Detailed names and examples of many different custom dry bag and mesh bag styles- if you need something special in dry bag design

Dry bag colors- different colors of the 18 oz material we use for dry bag main sections and tops. Heavy duty bottoms are black grey, or can be a number of different boat fabric colors

Solid Works 3D Customer Interactive Design Software- is the best collaboration tool for customers to get exactly what they want out of one of our products:  Zoom in and out, spin the product around, mark it up and save as a jpeg or do a web meeting with us: 

Our Prototype Production Policy- is detailed in this page: 

Custom tube styles page- Gives examples of many different Cataraft Pontoons, and how to customize them with retail prices.  It is not possible for us to put all models on the price list!- To get AORE prices simply divide by 1.42 it is a sizeable discount.

Draft Vs load for catarafts- Examples of how deeply a cataraft  will draft with a given load.  Use this to help determine which cat tubes to purchase for your life style-

JPW Raft Design – Why our Self Bailing Rafts are better-

Custom Self Bailing Raft table-  It is not possible for us to put all models on the price list, so we put them here, and they are in 3d edrawings too- To get AORE prices simply divide retail by 1.42 it is a sizeable discount.

History of the Rescue Culebra- The evolution of the frameless cataraft.  If you do not know what a culebra frameless cat is, check this out.-

Culebra Specification Table- Jpegs and edrawings of different culebra models available in 3d- To get AORE prices simply divide by 1.42 it is a sizeable discount.-

Foot Thwarts- how they work on culebra and self-bailing rafts:

The hardest job that your inflatable has to do-, and how to keep in from getting damaged when it does that job.  It may surprise you to know this information-

Cutthroat Information- How many different ways are there to rig cutthroats, and how many different tube variations are there?This pagegets a little closer to answering the question. Because these boats are so versatile, we decided to build a table to help- 

News from the wild cards at JPW- Our dynamic news leter on the web, what other products we make-

Standard price list is located at the home page, or at the products paddle if you want ot order on line.

Buying River gear does not have to be a gamble when you go with the team that holds all the cards.  Built with pride, like no one else can, in the good old USA!


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