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Our latest 6 inch ISUP design.

I think this design is going to make a very nice river board.  We have compared this new design to the old design so you can make up your mind.  Please let us know if you thing this design idea does not fit reality.  I like it. 

This design change came about as a result of a great success with the little mosquito floor, and how that shape worked.  Here are the design changes we thought we would try to make work.

First I thought that more flat surface on the water is what customers want for stability.  So we increased the flat area by 12 inches, and this makes the front curve up quicker. 

We also wanted to see if we could get an effectively pointier tip.  I think that this was successful. 

This immage compares the shape of the ends for pointyness. Even though the orange one has a flat section on the end instead of a curve, it looks like it will pierce a wave easier.

The orange unit starts its curve 12 inches closer to the tip. Note how the Purple one starts back where the black seam tape is.

There is a quicker curve in the end as a result, and more flat area to stand on, for more stability.

We put one on top of the other to show a comparison of the end shapes.

I hope to get some good feed back at the next trade show, and I am asking some of our customers what they think too.


JPW's innovations early 2014 for 6 inch Isup

25 lbs including the scotty rod holders all welded construction in the air holding structure.

Have a look and then read below the evolution to of the product to get here. Do not forget to read about ISUP repairs

The latest design heading to florida with Scotty rod holders. Used as an mangrove fishing platform. 1450 with the rod holders2014 price

This is the previous model with out the rod holders. 2014 price is 1350.00

Are you curious how inflatable stand up paddle boards stay flat?

We have discovered that most dealers and customers have never seen what makes the shape. There are thousands of polyester threads that are woven between the top and bottom layer. Orininally this structure was designed to stiffen Jet aircraft wings.

We use the best quality drop stitch available. It even has triangulated threads. It is quite amazing that we can actually make this stuff bend with the right side pannel grometry. We thought you would like to know what is inside of your board.



Webster had mixed reviews at the OR show. 

A new approach with this design that deviates from the normal approach on ISUP design had mixed reviews at the OR show in SLC. We did sell this model to the US fish and Wildlife service because the Grommet strips around the edge let the unit be used as an antenna for fish studies (scroll down this link to floating fish finder to read more).   Because the paddle shaft can rub against the grommet strips on paddle strokes, We have decided to remove that feature. However we want our customers to know that this is a customization option that we will be willing to install if requested. The new versions will have a EVA and d ring configuration similar to these 4 inch boards.


Just in from leafield valves:

This only works if the board has leafield valves.  I believe that includes NRS and JPW.

There is a spring in the adapter that pushes the poppet open, and that allows you to take air pressure readings with a tire gauge, and fill it up the rest of the way at the gas station. 

Here at jpw we do not recommend inflating a 6 inch board past 20 lb., and 16 will give you plenty of stiffness.  Btw we did a destruction test years ago, and it was 53 psi when it exploded and it did not ruin the drop stitch, but blew a rip in the side wall, and not on a seam either. 



This board is made in the USA right here in Aztec, NM, With a 5 year Warranty that you can collect on, but probably will not have to.   We use an all welded construction In the air holding chamber, and that means there will be no glue failures.  For the side wall, we use the best 32 oz PVC coated Polyester fabric available anywhere in the world.  This fabric and Drop stitch both have the best coating adheasion and air retention of any fabric we have ever used in our 30 years of product experience.  The drop stitch fabric itself is woven in a triangular weave for even more strength per weight.   Leafield valves, the standard for the rafting industry, are located in the side wall, not in the middle of the drop stitch.  We use NRS removable fins, to make the system more transportable.  We include a durable carry bag to protect your SUP when it is in transport.  The total weight is 28.5 lbs.


The inflatable itself has a 5 ½ inch kick.  The total weight of the 6 inch board is 28.5 lbs. total length is 126 inches long and 36 inches wiide at the widest part. 

MSRP  1350.00.  With more accessories to come. 

Thanks for having a look. 

Here is the old construction description

I thought it was worth keeping this information in this web page, should you wish to choose these options. Perhaps when you see this you will see some application that is beyond the ISUP standard application just like the folks at the Fish and wildlife service did. After all that is what JPW is good at making products work for nitch markets. There are immages of the board without the laced on mesh floor. When you read through this page you will note that there are many changes taking place. We tried some different ideas out that simply did not work. We feel it is important to let you in on these ideas. We also feel it is important to let you know that not everything we do has a successfull outcome, but that is often the cost of educating ourselves. The board you see in the last photo continues to be a main rental at Riversports in Durango. We are continuing to collect information about how it is doing in this rental program.

 This system adds lots of versatility to the SUP design, and allows you to put your feet anywhere because it is all non-skid on the top.  This model shows two lines of grommets along the length for gear or accessory tie downs, but we are expecting to get lots of feedback from our customers on what we should do on the top meshsurface. In the middle and on the ends we have adjustable handles laced in the grommet strip.


The front kick

The bottom fins

the back end with a foam block inserted under web straps

A top view that shows the laced on anti skid mesh

Finally a picture of the blank with grommet strips, but without grommets or lacing. We hope this gives you a better Idea of how the system works.


At the Delores river festival, we had good reviews on the 6 inch I sup. However after demoing the board for a week, the crew at Riversports, had a couple of things that they feel need changing.  The mesh was very grippy on the feet, but on the knees it was a bit harsh.  I did not notice it very much, but I have been rolling pads for 30 years too.  For this reason we decided to use the last of our eva foam (pardon the color combination) to put a kneeling surface on the mesh.  The other thing that was mentioned was the web loops in the back.  That seemed a bit unsafe, and I do not thing everyone was aware that they could just be pulled out.  Still we do not even want grommets back there.  Just mesh.  Except for one line of grommets that will help tie down a foam block that can be used as a back foot lever.  (Pirouetting I suppose it is called.)  Do not look for tie downs in the back area where the paddler usually stands.  

We were concerned about the stability of the board, and we wanted to make it more useful.  For this reason we decided to try out the ring concept on the top.  Here at JPW we do not hold on to ideas that do not have a clear and suitable function.  The only reason why I think this ring would be a good idea is if you wanted to take a young child with you on the front of your paddle board.  In reality, the ring did little to increase the excellent stability that the board already had.  It also caught the wind.  It was not worth it when you consider the added cost.  So we have a ring for one if anyone really needs to have one.  It was a good thing to test out.  I am not sold on the concept, even after investing a lot of design time into it. We are smarter for the experience.   


The ring tied to the top of the board at Animas river days.

how the ring would sit on top of the board.

The finished board and kneeling surface. note the straps on the front, and the toward the back are straps used to tie on a foam block (furthest away).

I am testing out the knee pads. Check out the freeboard on this 6 inch thick SUP. Incredible when you realize that I weigh 175 lbs.

Even the ring ( that I tested out durring the Animas River Days Parade) did not supply a noticable increase in stability. One hardly has to work to stand stably on top of this board.

This board will be in service untill just before the Outdoor Retailer show at the end of July, at Riversports. Please call them up and reserve it for a test drive. See how it stacks up against other boards.

Dec 20 2013 Webster goes to Mexico

Taking a 28 lb board to mexico is not going to be a problem. I took webster, because this board is still the test board of choice. The webbing on the side enabled me to tie a Beach chair down on the top, and we took a cruise out to the Island. The ocean was very calm, and the paddling was super easy. it tracks well, and glides along guite nicely. The only problem we had was the arms on the chair. For a relaxing ride in the sun, it was just wonderful.

I am considering the use of d rings mounted on the side for just this seat purpose.

Then I found a chair that did not have arms, and used it.

We wanted to see just how well it would work with 2 chairs on, so we did.

We recomend paddling on opposite sides and being in step. the chairs put some top heavieness into the system.


One more extra beautiful picture from Brian Goldberg in Jackson Wyo. With the Tetons in the background.


The wildcards at JPW inc.  Where buying river gear does not have to be a gamble when you go with the team that holds all the cards. 

By the way.... Stability is how Webster defines inflatable stand up paddle boarding!

Need us to do a repair on your glued SUP and turn it into a welded one?

More info on our 4 inch sup. These first ones have eva foam for anti skid.

We are planning to go to the mesh for the top. If we sell more 4 inch thick boards.

Sup technology is used to make better Self Bailing Whitewater rafts.


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